Labour Hire

Light Fabrication

Metwest Engineering supplies certified professional engineering and project management staff to organisations like yours to help with your project, from procurement through to project management and completion.

Metwest Engineering has experience in delivering individual work packages through to entire multi disciplinary projects.
Our site services include many different rail activities including:

  • Steel works – design, manufacture and installation of  a variety of different steel work.
  • Electrical works – design and construction of overhead wiring (OHW) gantries, precast and in situ signalling pits including class B and D lids.
  • Signalling works – design and construction of signal gantries, signal location platforms, precast and in situ signalling pits including class B and D lids.
  • Complete combined services route (CSR) works – design, manufacture and construction of GST, GLT, concrete pits, buried route and cable pulling.
  • Substation works – design and construction of steel work and precast and in situ HV pits,
  • Civil works – bulk and detailed excavation, precast and in situ concrete works, precast and in situ stormwater pits including class B and D lids.
  • Labour Hire – Boilermakers, trades assistants, skilled labourers, plant operators.
  • Plant Hire – Hi rail excavators, hi rail agitators, hi rail truck mounted lifts, knuckle boom lift, Non Destructive Diggers, Vacuum Loaders, Crane Trucks, Truck Fleet.
  • Modifications – Design and modification of  plant and equipment.

Machine Operators

  • The machinery needed to construct and maintain the Australian rail corridors is complex and expensive. That’s why Metwest Engineering use only the best machine operators to run them.
  • At Metwest Engineering the safety of our employees is our paramount concern. Therefore, our machine operators have all relevant qualifications to operate their machinery productively and safely.
  • We also recognise the rail industry is constantly being refined with the march of technology. We keep our operators abreast of these changes with regular training and assessments as to current competence and technical skill sets.


Planning to Development

MWE have the experience in-house to bring projects to life from concept, to design to production.



MWe thoroughly understands the project before commencement to ensure product deadlines


With an onsite factory working 24 hours a day, we can produce the product in-house.


Being able to install with our experienced project management team and support staff.